Quiet the voice of self hate…


I think I am angry..
No, I know I am angry..
and I believe that I am really angry at you,

it happened over and over again, and you sat there and did nothing..

I know you didn’t want to betray me.. but you did…

I blamed you…..

I accused you….

I despised you….

and most of all, I hated you for not protecting me..

The violation of truth that was stripped from the loins of this little girl, brought years of tremendous heartache and self hate.  This voice that haunts me and reminds me of the abuse from my childhood, is a direct battle between the truth and the lies of the enemy which would try to keep me bound to the pain of my past. This voice would blame the “little girl” in me for not telling my Mom or my Grandmother that I was being sexually molested and would attempt to keep me bound in guilt and self hate.

As I continue to break my silence and share my truth, the broken places of my life are being restored.  

The Truth Will Set You Free – John 8:32


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3 thoughts on “Quiet the voice of self hate…

  1. I am the 1st to admit how fortunate I am to have the childhood like I did. There was tough times, but compared to others journeys it seems so paltry.

    I so admire you for the strength within yourself to break the silence and speak up, not only for yourself, but also as an advocate for others who at this time might not have the strength to speak up.

    I cannot imagine the turmoil you have gone through to overcome the feelings of low self worth and self hate, and through Jesus to have those broken pieces restored. He is making you complete.

    Thank you for sharing from the depths of your heart. God bless you in your ministry.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting on my post. When sharing my story or sharing poetry I have moments of hesitation, but quickly remember “why” it is important to share my story, simply to give others hope. That is my purpose and passion to let others know that through Christ ALL things are possible, including healing from any and all forms of abuse.

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