To See Her Eyes..


From the first touch, my life was forever changed.

I could no longer see thru the innocent, sparkled filled eyes of a little girl; but rather a darkened, blank stare that narrowly dialated my carefree view of this world.

this false interpretation of love from a man, quickly devoured my heart with lies of how my life was to be.

the depths of the overwhelming sadness that overcame me, could never be explained in order for you to understand how deep it hurt me.

All because of…that first touch…

It has taken me years to finally share my story and I am healing from the pain of being sexually abused. That “first” touch lead to many incidents of being molested by several people.

I am determined to continue to share my story and let others know that they too can declare that they are , “No Longer Held Captive..By Their Childhood Secrets”. I want you to know that, You can Heal and Thrive in spite of what has happened to you.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Join Me today, by bringing Awareness to the awful truth of childhood sexual abuse.

May your temporary sorrow, lead you to Triumphant Victory! ~ Denise


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